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Bonny Kate, the BookWelcome to the world of Bonny Kate!  Lovers of 18th Century historical romance will revel in this unique opportunity to experience time travel at its finest!

It all began with a love story in the pages of the book Bonny Kate, Pioneer Ladyby Mark Strength.  You can order your autographed copy from the author on this website, or order unautographed copies from, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite local bookseller.

Then travel back in time, to the year 1776, with Bonny Kate!



Now you can enjoy an amazing adventure of the American Revolution in Bonny Kate's Honeymoon: Victory at King's Mountain.

This is the epic tale of how a small community of patriots in the Tennessee Mountains volunteered their resources and fighting abilities to turn the tide of the American Revolution from near failure to stunning success! As you travel to the year 1780, you will understand the challenges and difficulties of life on the frontier made infinitely worse by an invasion of the State of North Carolina by professional soldiers of the British Empire. If you enjoyed the romance of Bonny Kate, you don't want to miss the Honeymoon!




Song of the Shenandoah

When great movements in history happen, always look to the previous generation to understand the reasons. Author Mark Strength takes a look at the generation that produced the heroes of the Revolutionary War, and finds a stunning story of young love on the frontier of Virginia. A New World awaits the pioneer settlers who come to America, but the land is still governed by Old World ideas and societal structures. Join the fun as we explore Colonial Virginia through the eyes of Polly Preston, a young schoolteacher fresh off the boat from Belfast. "Song of the Shenandoah" is an experience you will treasure and eagerly share with friends and family!